Two Day Walk and a night Camp from Oakhampton camp to Hangman's hill and back

A bit of a damp start but we knew the weather

was going to clear up during the day with the odd shower

Our first stop about 3ml into the walk and we had a good pace at about a steady 2ml per hour
 some photo's of the view we had along the way  photo of the bunker Dave & Chris operated from a couple of months prior to the visit
 a place to shelter from the wind  and stop for lunch and get our bearings on the map
 couple more hrs of walking and a target is in sight  huge climb up to Hangman's hill and a look to make camp but too much cow *** so had to move on
Camp set up behind a peat mound to get out of the wind  Antenna all up quarter wave 20m wire inverted v
   As not predicted the wind changed and came side on to us but the tents held out we made a couple of contacts and after breakfast we decided to head back the way we came due to the weather due to change for the worse and we knew the path back my GPS recorded 6.2 miles out and 6.9 miles back  due to being reset at the beginning of the walk but it taught us a bit and im planning the next trip soon

  All the best

Dave 2E0DTC 

Chris M5CJW





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