A Military Equipment Day

By Chris M5CJW


Club Sign

First time the club sign has been out for an airing but its good to see it out we set up  a full size G5RV and a 6 to 160 end feed plus an HF vertical and Richard set up his lorry with 70cm 2m 4m and 11m military antennas we set up at around 9:30 and went through the day testing and calling out on various bands and had some good local contacts on our 5 to 10 wats  

 Richard and his m8 setting up his

communication vehicle

(I will get all the info I can about the and update)


 Richard test out a portable pack he carries in the

back of the vehicle

the day dawned bright and hot - it was an early start for me
as i'm not good with mornings these days, so dave 2E0DTC arrived and my kit was
loaded, then off to Dave's place to pick up the club caravan and tow to site.
Having arrived we set up the equipment, after downing some
tea of course - and I had a look at the impressive truck – very nice – want one
– but nowhere to park it , oh and the fact I no longer drive …......... lol

contacts – well a few locals on 70 MHz – 20 k or so to James
M1APC on the elevated ground spike antenna - HF was as usual poor – but worked a
station in one of the former USSR states ** with 20 w and the clansman 230 ( **
they beat us at football recently ) 
in all a good day – apart from the heat and the arthritics
playing up – some interesting kit to be seen and as observed a chance to use some
of this stuff in relatively quiet conditions away from the ever-present rf hash
in the city
 thanks as always to Dave and Chris for giving me a chance to
get “out “ for a change ( as some of you may know i don't get out much owing to
disability )  and let us hope next years event is  even better
supported and a bit less hot 


 Dave 2E0DTC looks like he means business 


it was a good day as those who attended had a play with some good old military radio gear made a couple of contacts and I think overall some interesting pieces of equipment had a run that didn't normally get used got an airing

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