Local Radio Clubs

This page is for  local radio to advertise there presence

they can have a write up or just there web site or email/contact details but it would be good to list ours on there site

the first club I have contacted to get the ball rolling was

Dartmoor Radio Club -- https://dartmoorradioclub.uk 

The Dartmoor Radio Club was formed in November 1983 at Princetown by 11 members, who were studying to take the Radio Amateurs Examination in May 1984. Its aim is to promote, in a friendly atmosphere, the use of all forms of telecommunications for all the family.

The club is actively involved in the Dartmoor area with various events and regular field days, please see further information on this web site for details

taken from there home page hope you don't mind but if you wish to add or deduct please let me know via Email at d.beck123@outlook.com



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